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Laura-Mier Fibroin Tightening Face Mask X 2 pieces
Price RM6.93
Product SKU LM006
Brand Laura-Mier
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Replenishes the moisture of  our skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines. This mask helps to hydrates and rejuvenates skin for a smooth and even skin textures.

100% Imported from Taiwan where the mask sheet is made of wooden pulp material which promotes more than 20 times absorption rate compared to the conventional non-woven cloth.

The beautiful part of this series is that all variety of Laura-Mier wooden pulp facial mask sheet is added with not more than 1000 Dalton collagen. Collagen with molecular wight of less than 1000 Dalton is believed to be easier to absorb by our skin due to the size of our pore is small. Leaving your skin more rejuvenates after each application.


MAIN FUNCTION: Reduce appearance of fine lines + Hydrate + Rejuvenate

SUITABLE FOR: Dull & Saggy Skin




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